Information Notice by the Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB) in accordance with Regulation (ЕU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation)

The Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB) is a non-governmental organization which is a processor of personal data in accordance with Regulation (ЕU) 2016/679.

The ABB supports its member-banks and respectively, it processes in its professional activities personal data of its employees, its suppliers and the representatives of its members.

The ABB processes personal data for the purposes of reporting, organization and coordination of its activities and the effective fulfilment of its duties.

The grounds for processing personal data by the ABB can be different, depending on the situation, e.g. contractual basis (employees and suppliers of the association), legal grounds (employees and suppliers of the association), and legitimate interest (data of the banks’ representatives in different committees and working groups).
When the data are processed due to your participation in a committee or a working group at the ABB, the data processing is done due to your quality as a representative of the respective credit institution by which you have been nominated for participation and your respective personal data have been sent in order to be able to identify you. In those cases your personal data was necessary to the ABB for the purposes and organization of working meetings as well as for fulfilling the tasks and activities of the association as a whole and for personal contacts with you.
Personal data, processed by the ABB, can be received by different state authorities (by virtue of law), third parties (in cases where representatives of the association participate in working groups, committees, commissions, management bodies and other structures outside the ABB, as well as by the bank members themselves. The ABB does not deliver personal data to third countries.

The criteria for storing personal data depend on the legal requirements applied for the ABB or by the objectives which the Association aims to achieve through the personal data processing. After the legally defined deadline has been expired or in case of a lack of such deadline after achieving the goals for which the personal data has been collected, they are going to be deleted.

If your personal data are processed by the ABB, you have the right to request us to provide access to them, to rectify or delete your personal data or to limit their processing. You can also object to their processing.
If you want to know more about personal data processing by the ABB, you can connect us at our address: Sofia 1000, 97 Knyaz Boris I Str., 5th floor or at the e-mail address

If you think your rights have been infringed, you can submit a claim to the data protection authority – Commission for Personal Data Protection.