The Association of Banks in Bulgaria expresses its gratitude to the President of Republic of Bulgaria, to the leaders of all political parties, to the BNB and to all institutions that have participated in the consultations at the head of state on the 29th of June 2014 for their firm and clearly stated determination and willingness to unite themselves in order to guarantee the banking and financial stability in the country.

The banking system is one of the most competent, modernized, reformed and strictly regulated industries in Bulgaria. The strength of that sector arises from keeping the strict and clear local and international regulations and rules for operation as well as in the solidarity of its members.

The common agreement achieved between the state institutions and the political leaders for not allowing interference of non-market methods in the system in the form of not grounded political statements, spreading of rumors and false statements is a prerequisite for the system to turn to its normal working regime and to continue performing its main task, namely – to provide the necessary financial resources to the Bulgarian citizens, companies and institutions.

We rely on the same determination and consolidation at the forthcoming consultations between the President, the Parliament and the political parties to provide coordination and to guarantee continuity and smooth transition to the next government.

The Association of Banks in Bulgaria believes that the success of the country will be guaranteed if the ruling parties put as a priority the creation of market conditions for encouraging initiatives and improvement of business environment. The banking sector is ready to support the institutions, the Bulgarian citizens and the business in these processes.

We rely on the professionalism and the responsibility of everyone in order to be a source of stability and peace.