In connection with the decision of the Parliament, adopted on the 27th of October, 2022, the Council of Ministers, in coordination with the BNB and other responsible institutions, to accelerate the process of technical preparation for the adoption of the euro, according to the National Plan for the Introduction of the Euro in the Republic of Bulgaria, adopted by the Council of Ministers on the 27th of May, 2022, the Executive Board of the ABB declares the readiness of the banking community to contribute for the implementation of this decision.

Preparations at the credit institutions for the accomplishment of the set goal of adopting the euro are underway, and through the Association of Banks in Bulgaria /ABB/ the banks are represented and participate in the activities of various working groups formed according to the National Plan for the Introduction of the Euro, which prepare the necessary regulatory and other changes. Also, each bank individually adopts measures for its technical preparation for the participation in the process and the individual phases through which it will pass.

The banks strive, in addition to assisting in its smooth running, to also help in the optimization and efficiency of the actions carried out by all responsible institutions and persons, by actively participating, through the ABB, in the coordination of the regulatory changes concerning their activities and the planning of specific steps and actions related to their role.