At a ABB’s General Assembly meeting on the 4th of April 2017 some changes to the Association’s Executive Board were made.

Mrs. Petya Dimitrova – Chairperson and CEO of Eurobank Bulgaria AD has been elected for a second three-year term as a member of the governing body of the ABB.

Mr. Levon Hampartzoumian – Chairman and CEO of Unicredit Bulbank AD has been appointed as a member of the ABB’s Executive Board. Mr. Hampartzoumian has already been a member of the ABB’s Executive Board and Chairman of the Board in the previous years.

The other members of the ABB’s Executive Board who continue their mandates are: Mr. Petar Andronov – Chairman of the ABB; Mrs. Violina Marinova – Deputy Chairperson and the Executive Board members: Mr. Emil Angelov, Mr. Georgi Konstantinov and Mr. Svetoslav Gavriiski.