The initiative aims to increase the financial literacy of children and young people and give them more information about how financial institutions work.

Banks in Bulgaria participated in various initiatives to increase the financial literacy of children and young people. The campaign was part of the European Money Week. The release coincided with the Global Money Week, which took place between 18 and 24 March.

The European Money Week aims to raise public awareness on financial education and financial literacy through various initiatives for children and young people, both at national and European level. More than 30 countries participate in the campaign, and, in the long term, it aims to improve financial education in Europe, in particular, for students in primary and secondary schools.

At the local level, banks in the country traditionally take part in the European Money Week, as raising financial culture and education is among their main priorities.

The planned initiatives aim to encourage and educate children’s interest in entrepreneurship, responsibility for money and skills for long-term planning and management of personal and family budgets. The activities include open lessons, interactive games and performances, visits to bank branches where students have the opportunity to learn about the daily work of the employees in financial institutions, as well as the organization of competitions and quizzes through which children acquire financial knowledge in a funny and interesting way. 

Open Day and TikTok serries organized by UBB

During the European Money Week, various UBB branches in the country organized an Open Day. Bank experts from Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Sofia welcomed students from selected schools to introduce them to the work of the bank and the role of the bank employees. During their visit, the young people received useful advice on how they can develop a responsible attitude towards their personal finances and what are the benefits of saving and investing in banking products.

The financial institution also launched a special educational series on its TikTok account. The initiative will introduce Generation Z to the topic of personal finance in an easy and funny way, it aims at challenging the young audience to make a proposal for people to be placed on the Bulgarian euro banknotes.

UBB also participated in another challenge organized by the Junior Achievement Foundation. In it, the children of employees had the opportunity to participate by filming a video survey among their classmates, looking for an answer to the question of how they would make BGN 150 out of BGN 100. The competition encourages children’s creativity and enriches financial culture.

Experts from UniCredit Bulbank had lectures before students

UniCredit Bulbank participated in the European Money Week as the bank’s representatives took part in various initiatives in the country. School-level mentors were part of an innovation camp in the cities of Varna, Sofia, Vidin, and an expert from UniCredit Bulbank was also part of the jury at an innovation camp in Targovishte.

A panel “How to apply foreign experience and the motivating role of mentors?” was organized as a part of the Innovative Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, in 108 “Nikola Belovezhdov” Secondary School.

In addition, students from the 11th and 12th grades of VII “Yordan Radichkov” Secondary School in Montana visited the branch of UniCredit Bulbank in the city.

As part of the initiatives to promote financial literacy, the director of the Vidin branch and a regional investment product expert visited PG on tourism “Mihalaki Georgiev” in the town of Vidin. The theme of the open lesson was “Protect your money, secure your future”.

In Varna, the director of a branch in the city visited students from the 11th grade in the “Banking” class at “Dr. I. Bogorov” Vocational High School of Economics. The topic of the open lesson was “Alternatives to Savings Products”, which concluded with role-plays to develop a savings product.

DSK Bank gave start to a students’ competition 

As part of the European Money Week this year, DSK Bank launched a number of initiatives aimed at improving the financial knowledge of children and young people.

Experts from the bank were guest speakers and gave presentations in a number of schools in the country. The hosts were the professional schools of economics and mathematics in Kardzhali, Vratsa and Varna, and the focus of the presentations was financial literacy. The students learned about tips for good financial planning, the advantages of modern banking services, types of cards and mobile banking. The students also understood how to guarantee security for digital payments.

With an opening event in 119 “Acad. Mihail Arnaudov” Secondary School in Sofia, DSK Bank also announced the launch of the first student contest on TikTok, dedicated to financial knowledge – “TeenTalk by DSK”. On a specially created educational platform, favourite influencers talk in a series of videos about the good financial habits that everyone should have – to be able to distinguish between the need and the desire when buying, to save a part of the money received for the month, to invest, etc. At the same time, teenagers were invited to take part in a competition on the theme “The worst financial advice I have ever received”. DSK Bank’s partner in the initiative are experts in the field of financial literacy for children from

The bank plans to continue with the educational initiatives until the end of the school year.

Post Bank took part in open lessons and interactive webinars

Postbank also held a series of initiatives to increase financial literacy during the European Money Week. With attractive video materials, an interactive approach, interesting examples and interesting facts, the experts from the bank’s Human Resources department conducted an open lesson for four classes of the second grade at 39 “Peter Dinekov” Secondary School in Sofia. They told the children in an interesting way the history of money, the role of banks, what and how bank cards are used and other modern payment methods. After the presentation, the students learned the difference between real and fake banknotes, the importance of personal savings and how to organize their own budget in the best way.

More than 30 children and their teachers also participated in the open lesson on the topic “Let’s talk about personal finances” in front of 6th grade students at “Dimitar Marinov” Secondary School in Lom, and over 50 first graders from “Vasil Levski” Secondary School in Sevlievo who actively participated in interesting games and asked many questions.

The bank’s team responsible for the youth product segment and their colleagues from PB Personal Finance participated in an interactive webinar “Financial Parent Meeting” organized by Junior Achievement. Three different financial scenarios in the form of game cases covering topics such as phishing attacks, family budget, different financial tools were presented to children and their parents in order to help them make informed decisions about their finances in the future.

On its official online profiles each day during the European Money Week, Postbank published stories, quizzes and discussions in which followers commented on the necessary skills to make good financial decisions about budgeting, savings, payment security. 

Tokuda Bank “Financial Monday” delights the bank’s followers 

During the European Money Week, Tokuda Bank continued its “Financial Monday” initiative, which takes place in the form of a game on the bank’s Facebook profile. Tokuda Bank plans to continue its initiative on an annual basis, publishing a post with a question on a financial topic every month. One of the people who answers correctly wins a book on a financial or other interesting topic. According to the bank, “Financial Monday” reaches 15,000 followers of different ages from all over the country.

Investbank had educational initiatives in different cities

Investbank participated in the European Money Week by delivering lectures to students in different cities in the country. Bank experts Anelia Angelova and Nikola Vasilev from Ruse Financial Center introduced the 11th grade students of “Hristo Botev” Secondary School to the work of banks, the role of bank employees and the importance of financial literacy and digital banking services.

Again in Ruse, but in School of Mathematics “Baba Tonka”, bankers organized a meeting for 12th grade students on the topic: “Protect your money, secure your future”. Educational meetings were also held with children and youth from 11th, 7th and 2nd grades in various schools in Ruse.

In addition, students from “Exarch Yosif” Language High School visited a branch of the bank in Vratsa and learned about the various financial opportunities and services for young people that the bank offers.

Velichka Koleva, head of Slivnitsa office at the Financial Center in Varna, introduced students from “Konstantin Preslavski” High School for Humanities and Arts – Varna to the similarities and differences between basic banking products and digitalized services.

The financial center of Investbank in Shumen participated in the European Money Week, as students from PEG “N.Y. Vaptsarov” were guests at the bank’s branch. There they learned more about modern payment trends and tried the advantages of the mobile application.

The traditional participation of banks in the European Money Week improves awareness and the level of financial education among young people, giving them a solid base of knowledge and preparing them for their full upcoming inclusion in the financial world of adults.