In relation to the interest expressed by the media, we would like to inform that one month after the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) approved and the banks in Bulgaria started to apply the Procedure for deferral (“Procedure for Deferral and Settlement of Liabilities Payable to Banks and their Subsidiaries”), the unofficial information of the ABB provided by its members shows that the number of requests for deferral of loans from individuals and companies received in banks exceeds 76,000, and the number of the already approved ones exceeds 57,000.

We would like to remind that the deadline for clients who would like to benefit from the relaxed conditions as they are set in the Procedure can refer to the respective servicing bank is June the 22nd, 2020.

We hope that the bank clients will continue to take full advantage of the opportunities for remote communication with the banks indicated on their Internet sites and to specify in advance with the servicing bank whether it is necessary to visit the bank office and when the most suitable time would be.

The Procedure for deferral and settlement of liabilities payable to banks and their subsidiaries is published on the ABB website here and can also be found on the BNB website here.