On the General Assembly, held on the 31st of March 2014, Mr. Stilian Vatev, Chief Executive Director of United Bulgarian Bank AD, Mrs. Petya Dimitrova, Chief Executive Director of Eurobank Bulgaria and Mr. Ilian Zafirov, Executive Director of Corporate Commercial Bank were elected as new members of the ABB Executive Committee.

The rest of the members of the ABB Executive Board who continue their mandates are Mr. Levon Hampartzoumian, Chairman of the ABB Executive Board, Mrs. Violina Marinova, Deputy Chairperson of the ABB Executive Board, Mr. Svetoslav Gavriiski and Mrs. Georgie Konstantinov.

The General Assembly expresses its gratitude and its high estimation for their work in the executive body of the ABB to the current members Mrs. Radka Toncheva and Mrs. Peter Andronov who were released due to an expiry in their second mandate in the ABB Executive Board and due to impossibility in accordance with the ABB Statute to be elected for a next subsequent mandate.