In November 2016, the Council for the Development of the Capital Market, of which the ABB is a member, adopted a Strategy which outlines the challenges faced by the capital market in the country and highlights the actions and measures for its revitalization. The need for such a Strategy is defined by the fact that, both the private and public sector in Bulgaria have marked a decrease in investments, mainly due to the effects of the global financial crisis. Therefore, the development of the capital market is essential for the future of our economy and has a leading priority for Bulgaria.

The Strategy was developed after a thorough analysis of the challenges which the Bulgarian capital market is facing and the ways to tackle them. It is supported by all members of the Council. The strategy defines the main issues and outlines actions in several key areas. These actions include increasing the range of financial instruments traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, attracting foreign and local investors and increasing financial literacy.

The Strategy sets out concrete measures for the capital market development, and their implementation is expected to lead to a number of positive effects as well as to make the Bulgarian economy attractive again to private investors.

The Strategy for Development of the Bulgarian Capital Market can be found here.