Due to a proposal of the Chairperson of the Conciliation Commission on Payment Disputes /CCPD/, which was created in accordance with the requirements in the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems, for enlarging with representatives the ABB list in the CCPD, the Executive Board of the ABB approved the following experts:

  1. Iva Valentinova Zlatanova – Raiffeisenbank /Bulgaria/ EAD;
  2. Emil Milanov Milanov – United Bulgarian Bank AD;
  3. Ivelina Todorova Manolova – Societe General Expressbank AD;
  4. Kamen Vladkov Dimitrova – Eurobank Bulgaria AD;
  5. Svilen Veselinov Zahariev – CIBANK EAD;
  6. Stefka Teneva Videnova – DSK Bank EAD;
  7. Ivan Petkov Mangatchev – Legal Advisor at the ABB.

Mr. Ivan Mangatchev was also approved to be included in the ABB List of the Sectoral Conciliation Commission for Financial Services, which was created in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.