Mr. Peter Andronov, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria /ABB/ and Chief Executive Director of CIBANK EAD is going to take part in the 120th Board meeting of the European Banking Federation /EBF/ that is going to take place on the 15th of May 2015 in Riga, Latvia which will be hosted by the Latvian Banking Association.

Mrs. Irina Martseva, Secretary General of the Association of Banks in Bulgaria, is also going to participate in that meeting as well as in the 286th meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Banking Federation which is also going to take place in Riga, Latvia on the 14th of May, 2015.

Up to EU accession of the country the ABB was an associated member of the EBF and as of 2007 it became a full member. At the meetings of the EBF Board and the EBF Executive Committee topical and important issues for the European banking system are being discussed as well as the Federation’s position on them and the cooperation in this relation with the respective European institutions and regulatory bodies.

The Association is represented not only in the management but also in the expert structures at the EBF by the participation of its representatives in some of the committees of the Federation. They are specialized in the different fields of banking, e.g. banking supervision, capital markets, payment systems, retail banking, etc.