A Working Group on Taxation was created at the Association of Banks in Bulgaria. The new structure is going to address issues related to the implementation of changes in the tax legislation. The need to set up a specialized Working Group in this area is driven by the increasing European and international initiatives aiming at greater transparency, reporting and exchange of information (FATCA, CRS, DAC, etc.) as well as general tax issues which need closer and more specialized discussions.

The establishment of the Working Group will support the work of the ABB on draft legislation in this field and the communication with the Ministry of Finance, the National Revenue Agency, the Customs Agency, the National Assembly, the regulatory and supervisory bodies on possible changes or the presentation of new legislation in the field of taxation.

There are six Committees and eleven Working Groups at the ABB in which experts designated by the banks participate. The complete list of the ABB Committees and Working Groups can be found on the ABB website in Organizational structure.