Due to the increase in the workload of the two commissions, in May the Executive Board of the ABB appointed new members to supplement the lists of the Conciliation Commission on Payment Disputes (CCPD) and the Sectoral Conciliation Commission (SCC) for financial services, including distance financial services related to the provision of consumer and mortgage loans. The increase in the number of representatives of the ABB is, at the moment, by two people for each Commission. The Executive Board of the ABB approved as follows:

  • for members of CCPD: Nikoleta Voynova from Unicredit Bulbank AD and Milena Krasinska from BACB AD.
  • for members of the SCC: Maya Stoyanova from Raiffeisenbank /Bulgaria/ EAD and Anna Stefanova from Investbank AD.

By this increase the representatives of the ABB in the list of the CCPD are 14 people, while in the SCC their number increases to 7 people.