Banks in Bulgaria in a joint charity initiative dedicated to Children's Day

Medical equipment to support the treatment of premature new-borns for more than 50 000 leva will be provided to 6 hospitals across the country with the assistance of funds donated by banks in Bulgaria. The donation campaign dedicated to Children’s Day is organized by the Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB) and the Foundation “Our Premature Children” with the participation of the members of the ABB. The medical equipment will support the work of the healthcare facilities and will meet the needs of their youngest patients. It is envisaged to purchase transport incubator, thermal bed, incubator, laminar flow chamber, two perfusors and pulsoximeter respectively for “MBAL – Dobrich” AD, MBAL “Prof. Dr. S.T. Kirkovich” AD in Stara Zagora, MBAL “Plovdiv” AD, MBAL “Silistra” AD, II SAGBAL Sheinovo in Sofia and MBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” AD in Veliko Tarnovo.

The charity initiative is organized by the Association of Banks in Bulgaria together with the Foundation “Our Premature Children”, which is the beneficiary of the funds provided by the banks. The Foundation will purchase and donate medical equipment to the neonatal intensive care units in the country, depending on their specific needs.

Our Premature Children” Foundation was established in 2012 by three mothers of premature babies in support of premature children and their families. Part of our mission is to advocate for the right of every newborn who needs hospital treatment to receive quality and modern medical care focused on the family’s needs and their right to be with their child. Thanks to the donation made by the Association of Banks in Bulgaria, we will provide life-saving equipment in 6 neonatological units in the country for the smallest heroes who need modern equipment, special care and qualified medical specialists not only to survive but also to minimize the risk of subsequent complications.“, said Nikolina Nikolova, Chairperson of “Our Premature Children” Foundation.

It is an honour for us that the Association of Banks in Bulgaria stands behind this noble initiative. In addition to their core business of financing the country’s economy, banks are involved in a number of projects demonstrating their socially responsible behaviour and the charity campaign devoted to Children’s Day under the auspices of the ABB, again is a testimony for that. Banks in Bulgaria have repeatedly supported, through their various activities, vulnerable individuals and social groups in need. For the first time, however, credit institutions unite their efforts for a common noble cause, such as aid for newborn children in Bulgaria.

As it is well known, not only the problem of population growth is getting worse, but more than 6,000 newborn babies each year are born prematurely and are at risk of a number of health problems. The number of children born with very low weight is also increasing, which is an even more serious problem. For us this trend deserves a serious attention, as children are the future of our country and will be a major factor for its social and economic development in the future. Taking care of children means taking care of the future of Bulgaria.“, said Peter Andronov, Chairman of the Executive Board of the ABB.

The banks that made donations for the charity campaign organized by the ABB and realized with the support of the Foundation “Our Premature Children” are: Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD, DSK Bank EAD, Bulgarian Development Bank AD, United Bulgarian Bank AD, ProCredit Bank Bulgaria AD, Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria EAD, Unicredit Bulbank AD, Central Cooperative Bank AD, Eurobank Bulgaria AD, Investbank AD, First Investment Bank AD and Citibank Europe PLC, Bulgaria Branch.

Banks in Bulgaria will continue to demonstrate high social responsibility through individual and joint charity activities, and the ABB plans to further publicize the outcome of the campaign – after purchasing and delivering the described equipment.