Assoc. Prof. James Jolovski, PhD was elected by the Executive Board of the ABB to take up the position of Secretary General of the ABB as of the 1st of February, 2024.

James Jolovski has many years of experience in the field of finance. From 2018 until assuming the position of Secretary General of the ABB, Mr. Jolovski worked at the Fiscal Council of Bulgaria, focusing on the analysis of the macroeconomic environment and the key components of the budget. At this position, he also closely monitored the processes related to the country’s accession to the Eurozone. His professional experience also includes financial management and overall project management in the private and in the non-profit sector.

Assoc. Prof. Jolovski is a lecturer at the VUZF university. He is the winner of the national “Pythagoras” Award of the Ministry of Education and Science for his scientific work in the field of financial literacy and non-profit organizations. He is also a member of the Executive board of the National Association of Economic Educators.

James Jolovski defended his doctoral thesis at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE). There he also obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting with a specialization in Financial reporting, after a research conducted at the Bodleian Library and the University of Oxford. His Bachelor’s degree is in Finance and he also holds professional qualifications in Accounting and Management.

Thanks to his in-depth professional and academic experience, James Jolovski will contribute to expanding the scope of the Association’s activities and improving the dialogue and interaction with the civil and public sector in the country. James Jolovski takes the lead of the Association at a key moment when the banking sector and the country are facing the challenges of the Eurozone integration. The main focus of his work in the operational leadership of the Association will also be to raise public awareness regarding the activities of the banking community. One of the priorities is also increasing the financial literacy of the population, as well as other socially responsible projects.