Under the conditions of the epidemiological situation in the country and in accordance with the decision of the National Assembly to declare a state of emergency on the territory of Bulgaria, the banks in the country work individually with their clients – natural or legal persons, in order to find the most suitable solutions for overcoming possible emergent difficulties in servicing their contractual agreements.

The ABB closely monitors all initiatives and processes taking place in the European Union that have an impact on the regulatory environment for banks in Bulgaria. Together with the competent authorities in Bulgaria, possibilities for pragmatic decisions and actions are discussed, which, within the framework of the regulatory regime for banking activities, to allow reducing the negative effects of the emergency situation.

The banking sector in the country continues to maintain the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the full range of banking services for individuals and businesses, seeking to ensure safety and security for both customers and bank employees. Customers can use electronic channels for communication and remote provision of all types of banking services that do not require a visit to the branch network.