The Association of Banks in Bulgaria (ABB) starts publishing annual and quarterly information materials with key highlights on the economy and the banking sector in Bulgaria.

The publications analyze the most important macroeconomic indicators like the gross domestic product, inflation, labour market and the key indicators for the external and public sectors and the capital market in Bulgaria.

The main focus in the publications is the banking system. The materials consider key positions from the balance sheet statement and the statement of profit or loss on a system level, as well as the dynamics of financial indicators like capital adequacy, liquidity and profitability. The loan and deposit amounts and the changes in the interest rates are also included.

The publications are prepared by the Banking Policy and Analyses Division at the ABB and are published both in Bulgarian and in English. The publications are uploaded in the new section “The banking system” on the ABB website.

In the subsector “Facts & Figures” a short annual information about the banking sector in Bulgaria can be found. Its purpose is to describe the major trends in the Bulgarian banking system in summary to the national and international audience.

The issue “The economy and the banking sector in Bulgaria in 2016” can be read and downloaded here.